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Receive Payment for your Business Quickly and Easily

Get going, set up payments, and link your bank account for your business so you can start accepting cash or online payments, sending invoices, creating subscription plans, opening an online store, and more...!


Receive Payment for your Business Quickly and Easily

Customers Plus Provides You the Ability to...

Instantly Accept Money

With our simple payment processing, you can quickly accept payments from customers. Manage every element of accepting credit cards, checks, or money orders while you're on the move by connecting to any bank account!

Accept Money Fast
Payments and Invoicing
Collect Business Payments

Receive Payment in Person or Online

Utilize your tablet or mobile device to accept payments whenever and wherever you choose. Accepting Payments Online will keep you up to date on all things in your business!

 Receive Payments

Accept Payments on Virtually Any Website

You can take control of your digital doorstep with our Mobile Business App. With the help of this system, users of practically any website platform, including WordPress, can create an online portal or use payment forms. Add this feature to your Customers Plus website today!

Accept Business Payments
Easy Invoicing
Business Payments and Invoices

Simple Invoice Sending

Why spend time looking for unpaid bills? Get paid instantly, any time, on any device. Real-time updates allow you to keep track of the status of all your business related bills. You can also send online estimates right away without worrying about late fees or missing deadlines.

Simple Invoicing

Sell Products From Online Store

You'll be in excellent hands with a contemporary online store that makes it simple to sell, ship orders, and more business related benefits. Additionally, link your account with 3rd party payment systems!

Online Store Payments
Payments for Online Store
Subscription Payments

Take Control of Subscription Billing

For businesses that require monthly or yearly subscriptions, the automated billing service is ideal.

Subscription Billing

Enjoy a Single Perspective of Your Client's Payments

Discover all of your clients' information in one location. Among other things, you'll be able to examine their payment information, lifetime worth, and overall payment status!

Payments & Invoices

Automated Bookkeeping for your Business can Help You Save Time

The Payments app will sync your QuickBooks Online account so that transactions are immediately updated. By utilizing this user-friendly platform, you may perform manual accounting activities with less time and effort!

Automated Bookkeeping
Bookkeeping Software
Financial Reports

Examine Reports and More...

Real-time information for payments, revenue, and other topics keeps you informed. Utilize our user-friendly software to have all of your sales data within easy reach.

Financial Reports
Get the Funds You Require to Expand your Business

We help businesses grow with more Capital. Receive the money you require after being accepted, and we'll try to have it done as soon as possible to meet your company's demands!

Business Funds
Fund your Business

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